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Our Approach

We love Colorado and we know this area well. We ski/fish/bike/live it and most importantly invest in it. Our team has been investing and renovating and increasing yield in Montrose / Delta since 2004 and Telluride since 2000.

We currently have a large rental portfolio and many commercial holdings. We are always looking for ROI and Alpha . We are currently launching our second Opportunity Zone Fund in SouthWest Colorado and our Montrose Opportunity Zone.

Meet the Team

 CEO - Scott Elkins
COO - Mark Simpson
CFO -  Lee Mcduff
Advisor - Thomas Yaley III
Tech/IT - Jason Currie
Research  - Martin Owens


Mark Simpson

Mark, you need to update your  bio!

scott elkins western


Scott Elkins


I moved to Telluride in 1997 and simply Love it.  Ski/Hoops/Raft and generally living the good life at 8,750 feet.

Father of 2 ! Lucky husband of 1 awesome lady!